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“TOGETHER FOREVER” a international Film from USA

“TOGETHER FOREVER” a international Feature Film soon to be on floor for shooting by Nitin S. Adsul (Producer/Director) USA. You will love to watch the film as its a beautiful story about Soulmates and twinflames relationship .

DO YOU BELIEVE in pure love and soul mates? If you don’t then you shall, after viewing TOGETHER FOREVER. And, if you do, then your faith shall be irrefutably affirmed! The blueprint of the soon-to-be-made international film; a 42 minute journey through true events in the lives of two couples who scaled divine heights, is positive testimony that people in true love can be TOGETHER FOREVER.

TOGETHER FOREVER is inspired by the true stories of legendary Indian actors Sunil- Nargis Dutt and the German-Jewish couple Lotte-Felix Joseph.

Lotte and Felix Joseph’s beautiful world filled with love and hope was torn apart because of Hitler’s atrocities. Lotte lost her love Felix to Hitler’s horrific carnage. Her trials and bitter challenges in the physical world were only surpassed by the sheer majesty of her spiritual grace and determination to fight fanatical hatred.

India’s famous movie star couple Mrs. Nargis and Mr Sunil Dutt intertwines the story erable work in the care, rehabilitation and education of handicapped children in India. Unfortunately she did not live long enough to see the evolution of her dream, as she died of cancer in 1981, at the young age of 52.

Sunil Dutt cared for her with sincerity and devotion till the end, which displayed the spiritual and divine love he shared with her. A heart broken Sunil Dutt, then continued to pursue the noble purpose of keeping Nargis’s dream alive.

The stories of Lotte-Felix and Sunil-Nargis celebrate the golden truth that love can never die, it is universal, unconditional and that, in fact, it flows constantly from the realms beyond.

The plot:
A seminar is organized in New York to shine light on the love Mr. Sunil Dutt had for his wife Mrs. Nargis Dutt. The debate elaborates on how their love story gets intertwined with that of a German born couple; Lotte and Felix Joseph, who were victims of Hitler.

The movie begins with India’s movie star, Sita Devi, being ruthlessly dumped by her husband Ramesh Kumar, because he has fallen in love with someone

younger and more attractive. Sita is devastated! Did the discussion at the New York seminar which she attends and the spiritual journey, help her overcome her heartbreak? Did this story provide her with a formula for finding eternal love and to understand love that transcends the physical and material realms?

The theme of the reunion of soul mates in heaven will be loved worldwide

because the "promise of heaven" is very comforting to human beings.

The soul-stirring experience demonstrates that spiritual bonds are far stronger

than physical bonds. It also proves that true love is universal and transcends

race, religion, culture, color and, even space and time.

Nitin S. Adsul (Producer/Director)

Nitin Adsul is an award winning Film Producer/Director based in Washington DC area. Born and raised in India, he always had a keen interest in the film making process and arts. He has lived in Australia and Singapore before moving to the United States.

The soul-stirring project ‘Together Forever’ is very close to his heart and he intends to make it into a grand international motion picture film.

For more details, check the website -

And also visit Nitin at IMDB:

Mickey Nivelli AKA Harbance Kumar Mickey Nivelli, previously known as Harbance Kumar, is someone with a very eventful and unique life story.

One facet of his inimitable life is, being known as the Father of West Indian cinema and also, being referred to as the Dada Saheb Phalke of the West Indies Film industry. He has pioneered films such as The Caribbean Fox (1970), The Right and the Wrong (1970) with Calypso legend The Might Sparrow among other well- respected names. It was followed by other well received films such as Girl from India (1982), Heaven Becomes Hell (1989), and Rainbow Raani (2006).

Born in Quetta, Balochistan, Undivided India, on September 23, 1937, Mickey Nivelli, has had fame and fortune court him after years of hardship. When he was ten, he and his family were saved from religious fanatics by childhood friend Anthony Bliss with whom he has recently successfully reconnected after almost 65 years.

After migrating to independent India, in order to support his family, a teenaged Harbance had worked as a production assistant and a small time actor in the Hindi film industry where he got close to many Hindi film industry veterans. He has had a long relationship with veteran actor Sunil Dutt as his manager, close friend and business associate.

Divine interventions lead him to Lotte Nivelli in New York. She chose him to reincarnate the spirit of her second husband Herbert Nivelli’s son Peter Nivelli, who had also become a victim of Hitler’s atrocities and was born on the same date and year as Harbance Kumar.

Kumar’s mentor and friend Sunil Dutt, encouraged him to give up his old name and fame and change of his name from Harbance Kumar to Mickey Nivelli. That important aspect is explained in Together Forever.

He is also the author of books –‘Echoes of love from heavens above’, dedicated to Lotte Nivelli and ‘Love transcends death- Together Forever’, which are rich resources for readers on a journey of spiritual and personal growth.

In 2012, the Trinidad and Tobago Film Festival honoured the filmmakerphilanthropist with the ‘TTFF Film Pioneer’ award and the President of the twin island state, referred to him as ‘the son of the soil’.

Nivelli is also closely connected to the soon to be released 2013 biopic on the legendary Nelson Mandela, titled Mandela: Long walk to Freedom.

The Blue print of TOGETHER FOREVER has been well received in film festivals and reviews.

The blueprint short was screened in to DC South Asian Film Festival in early May and received very good reviews.

The blueprint short will be screened at BELIZE International film festival in July.

YouTube link of the 42 minute blueprint

Together forever .

By: Kristna Saikia

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